Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shimano Exsence Lures

Silent Assassin 140
The  New  Silent  Assassin  is engineered  to  give  realistic action  and  reaction  to  the lure.  The  13  degree  stance  produces  a steady descent into the depth so as not to scare of any potential targets. Available in striking colors and distinct lines, this lure is irresistable to fshes.

MD Assassin
With  its  built  in  AR-C system,  the  new  MD Assassin  is  set  to  create further  and smoother.  Built-in  spring mechanism ensures a smooth delivery of lure into the targetted spot. The 8 degree stance is designed to maintain swimming posture  of  the  lure  to  give  it a  lifelike appeal. Available in multiple colors to suit various water conditions.

Salvage Trino
This  lure  is  engineered  to produce a  strong vibrating reaction  when  moving through  the water.  High  density  plastic dorsal  fin  results  in  the  irregular  action of  the  lure  to simulate  an  injured  fish swimming  through  the water.  Equipped with  extra  sharp  hooks  for  precision setting, this is a must have in every tackle box.

The  lure  to  target  bottom feeding  fshes.  Negative bouyancy results in the lure sinking  into the bed of the river. With  its 44cm  per  second  descent,  anglers  can simply count of to measure what depth they  would  like  to  place  the  lure.  Its  4 degree stance ensure  that  the ascent  to the surface is smooth and realistic. Strong lines  and  coloring  along  the  lure  body attracts even the most lazy fish.

The  ideal  lure  for  fnesse anglers.  Weighing  in  at 8g  for  the  75mm  and  12g for  the 90mm  lure,  this  lure  is made  for anglers who prefers a  light  set-up. With a  75cm/second  descend,  anglers  can simply  count  of  to  have  accurate  lure placement. Its 4 degree upstance ensures a  smooth,  natural  retrieve  up  the water surface so as not to spook any fshes.